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Decent game but...

The game offers free goodies every 30 minutes and that's a highlight. You can save the game anywhere as well (look for a save button at the top right). The big issue I have with the game is the balance. This game has huge issue with it and that's why I took off 2 stars. Even though the game allies you to easily escape from a battle, a battle gives you little EXP at the beginning. Then the first cave gives you good EXP but there is a catch - there is a monster that can't be hurt by regular attack unless you perform critical damage! Then each cave will have a catch like this or a death attack! Latter cave gives you not much better EXP compared to the first cave. Go figure...

Not bad for a 99 cent game.

The title says it all.


takes five minutes to explain game mechanics in text that it could have shown me in 10 seconds of interactive walkthrough. no pause button, menu button, or other means of escaping or controlling the game other than pressing the home button (which means, among other things, that there's no way to save your game progress. there are slots for saving games to, but no way to save games to them. so every time you play, you start over. also no way to fast-forward past the agonizing cutscenes (I think that's what they're called). and this is just the beginning.


Another great jrpg from kemco

It's decent

It's a pretty decent RPG, but I still enjoy it for what it is, I do love the soul point function

Not Bad, Not Amazing

Well, overall it's a decent RPG with pretty a standard fight/skill/magic system, with a few tweaks around character movement decreasing damage. The good: decent (if sometimes a bit formulaic) story, some challenging battles that force you to use more of the game's mechanics, a few "post-game" challenges. The not-so-good: the post-game content is pretty limited. Once you've collected everything and fought the "real final boss" and a few kinda-tough "challenge bosses"... There's nothing. It felt like there should have been a secret dungeon or super-boss to let end-game players have a few more hours of play - like most RPGs for the last 20 years have done. That was disappointing, especially since there are a few areas in a late-game castle that aren't used for anything that look as if they were planned to have additional content. Hopefully this will be activated in a future release. Also, the mechanics that have a ton of items associated with them are almost never used: elemental resistance is maybe mildly useful, and status resistance is only important in 2-3 boss battles. The balance is very skewed, and you can just power-attack your way through 99% of the game without any strategy, which gets dull fast. All that said, it's still a solid RPG, but lacks that last couple layers of polish that would have made it stand out from the pack.


the game is great. but i an stuck in the volcano part. idk where 2 go. very unclear. nd there is NO walkthroughs or hints bout the game.

The Best Game Ever That's The Truth

This is Tom from P-Town. The people who made game are GENIUSES. I just made an AWESOME discovery you can UPGRADE your guy's in this maybe other games THANKS A BUNCH from Tom.

Fix it ???

Dude the game keeps freezing in the middle of the battle or in the ground when walking what the heck... Fix it and then I would give u 5 stars

A mediocre title from hit-point

Kemcos developer hit-point really doesn't deliver much here. I love kemco titles but this one seems like a step back for them instead of a step forward. The battle system is clunky instead of smooth with the battle arts system. Many of the battles require you to move your characters every round which is very monotonous and boring. It prevents you from auto attacking the whole game but the whole battle system is boring and not thought out. Graphics are a step back and look worse than some of their older games. Speed of messages are really slow and conversations are drawn out, probably to make the game seem longer than it is. The worst part is the controls. In game menus are terrible and harder to navigate which makes the game frustrating. Sometimes you push a button sometimes you tap something. Buy new gear no way to auto equip, instead have to equip from the character screen. No idea at shops if an item is better than what you have equipped. I don't know that I'll buy future hit-point developed games at this point it seems their games are regressing, whereas ex-creates games keep getting better. All published by kemco.



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